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Healthy Diet, Healthy Teeth

How to Protect Your Children’s Teeth from an Early Age

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Healthy Diet, Healthy Teeth
So you think that creating a healthy, tasty and nutritious meal for your children is easy? In theory it should be, but did you know about the hidden starches and sugars found within many of the fruits, vegetables and other foods, which your little ones are munching on? Now, no need to panic, because a balanced diet with plenty of variety from all the food groups is paramount to maintaining good physical and oral health. However, the problems can potentially occur when the sugars and carbohydrates meet up with the bacteria within the mouth. This can create plaque and if there is one thing that plaque loves more than anything else, it is sugar and starch!
The Importance of Water
Encourage your kids to drink plenty of water, and if they resist, then why not add some colorful straws or let them try carbonated water. Also, ensure that they brush their teeth twice daily and encourage them to floss when they are old enough. Brushing and flossing is especially important before bed time.
Plaque Attack
In this sugary environment, plaque attacks the enamel of the teeth and causes decay. Because of this, try to limit the amount of sweet and sticky treats your children snack on. Even an healthy granola bar can be too sugar laden and sticky for your child’s young teeth. So, keep the sticky treats for special occasions and fill your little one up with water laden fruits and vegetables such as apples, melon, cucumber and carrots. Be creative and have fun with the shapes of the food you give to your children.

Kids’ dentists advise that eating meat products is good for little mouths as these contain calcium and phosphorus, which are vital components of the tooth. Also, try to encourage the eating of cheese, yoghurt and milk products too, as they help rebalance the pH of the mouth, kill bacteria and are also a great for your enamel of your child’s teeth. Make everything look as attractive as possible and provide your children with the stepping stones to maintaining good oral health well into their old age.

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