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About Us

About Us
Welcome to Children’s Dental Group, Las Vegas
Children’s Dental Group was established in 1997, by Dr. Andre Michaelian, and has been committed to making a positive first impression for over fifteen years, because, as we all know, first impressions are lasting impressions.

Our comfortable and kid-friendly environment is our assurance to you, that your child’s dental experience is always an enjoyable, relaxed, comfortable and educational one for children and their parents.
Platinum Practice Achievement Awards
The Platinum Practice designation recognizes dental practices for outstanding quality performance, comprehensive patient care, and accessibility in serving LIBERTY Dental Plan's child members in the Nevada Medicaid Program. Based on a global review of your practice's quality outcomes and those of comparable providers in the network over the past 12 months, you have been identified as a Platinum Practice by LIBERTY Dental Plan.

In recognition of Children's Dental Group achievements, LIBERTY Dental Plan has awarded the following benefits to our practice:
• Waiver of authorization and claims review requirements for children
• Increase in member assignment
• Priority placement in the online provider directory
Our Philosophy
At Children's Dental Group, we strongly believe that the best dental care is a preventative one, and we are dedicated to teaching children proper dental care, as soon as they are old enough to brush.

Our monthly online articles and preventative care guidelines are intended for parents like you, to teach your children how to brush, why brushing is important, and how to avoid cavities and other dental problems as they grow up.
About Dr. Andre Michaelian
Dr. Andre Michaelian and Children's Dental Group staff believe that a child’s smile is a reflection of how they feel inside. With that in mind, Dr. Michaelian treats each child with the same tender loving care, that he shows for his own children. And, as a parent himself, Dr. Michaelian strongly encourages all parents to take part in their child's dental experience, by accompanying their children to the exam room.

You can rest assured that your child will be treated by a professional and well trained dentist, who is passionate about helping you and your child live a cavity free and pain free lifestyle. Dr. Michaelian's goal is to help convert all children, who walk into the Children's Dental Group offices, to a Cavity FREE Kid!..

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Andre Michaelian, by filling out our Online Contact Form.