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Fluoride Benefits Young Teeth

Preventing Tooth Decay the Easy Way
By CDG      February 13, 2012

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Fluoride Benefits Young Teeth
Tooth decay is one of the most common of childhood diseases and there are many steps which can be taken to prevent this. There is far more to having healthy teeth than daily brushing. It is important that your child has an adequate fluoride supply too as fluoride which is a derivative of fluorine, a common element in the Earth’s crust, prevents cavities. Fluoride also plays a significant role in tooth development and it can even reverse the signs of early tooth decay. It is common during routine dental checks for your dentist to speak with you about your water supply to determine whether or not it is fluoridated.
The Role of Fluoride
A Tooth decays occurs due to plaque breaking down the sugars in the food which your kids eat. This then results in the creation of acids which dissolve the enamel, thus eventually causing tooth decay. Cavities can be painful; can potentially become infection and even lead to the loss of the tooth. They also significantly weaken the structure of the teeth and this is where fluoride comes in.

Fluoride stops acid produced by the plaque bacteria from dissolving (demineralizing) the enamel of your kids’ teeth. Fluoride actually allows the damaged teeth to repair themselves. Although fluoride will not fix cavities, it can prevent the formation of new cavities and also reverse low levels of tooth decay.
Kids' Fluoride Needs
So you need to talk with your dentist about this as he is the only one qualified to advise as each child’s circumstances are different. However as a general guide, kids under six months old are not in need of supplemental fluoride. If the area in which you live is nonfluoridated and your child is over six months old, then your dentist may prescribe fluoride either in drop, tablet, or vitamin form.

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      February 13, 2012

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