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Tooth-Healthy Snacks

Is Fruit the Answer?

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Tooth-Healthy Snacks
Fruit is the go-to for many parents who don’t want to deprive their children of sweets, but don’t want to expose their teeth to the potential harm sugar can cause. But are they really doing their children’s teeth any favors? Fruit, in its various forms, contains a significant amount of sugar; all with the potential of causing just as much damage and decay to teeth as chocolate and taffy.
What the Experts say
Pediatric dental guidelines tell us that eating fresh fruit is definitely the best way to give your children both the nutritional values of fruit AND minimize the effects the natural sugar in the fruit will have on their teeth. In some instances, in fact, the fibrous textures provide a brushing effect on the teeth. Frozen fruit-the next best thing to fresh-would do the same.

Canned or individual servings of fruit in water or natural juices (NOT syrup) are also safe in limited quantities. Just be sure to serve with water or milk.

Your pediatric dentist will tell you, however, that there are sources of fruit that are bad for your children’s teeth. In fact, you’d be better off giving them sugarless gum or candy than letting your children snack on dried fruit or fruit juice with any regularity.
Hidden Dangers
Dried fruits contain highly concentrated sugars, stick to the teeth and the residue is difficult for children to thoroughly brush or floss from their teeth. Fruit juices, which also contain added sugars and dyes cling to the teeth and have the potential for staining, as well.

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