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7 years old - with a small cavity

Cavity on upper left 1st primary molar
By CDG      August 6, 2011

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7 years old - with a small cavity
Children’s Dental Group is proud of its reputation for being one of the best in pediatric dentistries found in Las Vegas, Nevada. We provide quality care to each and every patient who walks in our doors. Our friendly and relaxed atmosphere allows children to feel safe and secure, while learning proper preventative dental care or while receiving the treatment they need.
7 years old with cavity on upper left 1st primary molar. The cavity seen in this photo was caused from lack of brushing and flossing between the teeth.

It is very critical that you teach your children to brush and floss their teeth - from a very young age. Here is a great article about Brushing and Flossing.
Because of extensive cavity, a stainless steel crown was placed on the tooth. This type of crown will withstand chewing forces for many years until it is replaced by permanent tooth.

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      August 6, 2011

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